My Ideas About Electroneum

My Ideas About Electroneum

If Electroneum is collected in 2020, it can bring good profits and come to good places.

The guys I'm paying attention to are focusing on projects where they don't have access to a bank account. They are mostly on the south side like Africa, but the important thing for me is the usage area of ​​electroneum, everyone should stand by a bank and the volume of the market that they need to concentrate more on that side.

The team is not interested in the price of electroneum as they are trying to spread more projects with AnyTask and TaskSchool. The problem here is that electroneum should come out with a price of around $ .01 on time in ICO and maintain this price anyway, but now the price is $ .0037

But in unbanked, they want people to keep their money stable. The increase in prices, of course, is good for everyone. However, in the case of an unbanked environment, the amount of ETN money a person holds can be harsh. If I keep $ 10 in the bank for me, it's always $ 10. Speculation in the market, inflation may change the purchasing power, but prefer to keep the money in the account constant. Because it appears to be an investment tool, not an investment tool.

Maybe your team may ask you to secure them to a place in the electroneum in the future as well as stable coin.

The Bank sees more investment in the existing countries. I'll put 3 with 5 I'll take the account, but on the unbanked side to take, hold and spend available.

Now they earn up to $ 3 per month through the application. It sounds like this application will become more widespread in the future as the number of users will increase, the gain may be slowed down more or it may end up complete.

In particular, publishing on a stock exchange like Binance will create good gatherings at the price.
I hope he comes to a place that everyone wants.
My goal is to look at $ 1 or $ .5 and see the results together

My personal review and information. NIA