What is this Cookie Policy?

What is this Cookie Policy?

A cookie policy is an informative text that states how your data is stored, used, and how it works for any device that will give you access to a website, smartphone, tablet, computer.

In order to use cookies effectively, websites must obtain the “express consent ın of users. So you have the freedom to visit a website and refuse the use of cookies. However, you may not be able to use the website effectively. (Example of online shopping we provided above.)

Which legislation regulates the cookie policy?

The EU's legislation on personal data The  General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR) always gives website visitors the right to up-to-date information about the purpose, why, where and in which countries their data is stored.

These rules affect your website's privacy policy and cookie policy. In this context, you need an appropriate cookie policy on your website that contains specific, accurate and up-to-date information about the website's use of cookies and the users' options to accept and decline them. Otherwise, you are likely to face very serious fines.

In addition, cookies may be used   under the auspices of this law as they contain “personal data” regulations within the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 .

What is the difference between erez Cookie Policy ”and“ Privacy Policy?? The question may come. The privacy policy includes user data, registration forms, marketing options, processing and recording of personal data, and other related aspects, while the cookie policy is more specific and includes regulations on cookies.

What should a cookie policy include?

You know that if you have a website, you should now have a cookie policy. But what should this policy include? I can make a material for you:

  • What kind of cookies are available on your website?
  • How long are cookies stored?
  • What data do cookies track?
  • For what purpose (functionality, performance, statistics, marketing, etc.) are cookies used?
  • Do cookies share data with third parties? If so, how and why?
  • How can cookies be denied or canceled?

If you don't use very specific cookies, you should basically have answers to these questions in your cookie policy.

Where to find Cookie Policy?

A cookie policy can also be edited or included in your privacy policy as a içeren Cookies ”heading. The location of the cookie policy does not matter in terms of the form of GDPR. However, when a user visits your website for the first time, you need to indicate that you use cookies on your site with a small pop-up box.