About Us

Hi, I'm currently unemployed graduate :)

University of Uludag University before my life. I started with Orhangazi Vocational School and finished the fall semester there but then I transferred to Celhis Bayar University Akhisar Vocational School.

I have previously studied at Anadolu Ticaret Meslek as a Computer / Web Programming.

I started my computer career with a computer course in 2008. In fact, I was going to read high school as a health profession, emergency medicine and computer, but I went to Anadolu Trade Vocational High School because I missed 1 point. I constantly improved myself in computer and programming because I started with little html, not something that would happen with what was told at school. Later, when I saw c # at school, I started to learn it myself. I started learning small and c. I learned using c # and sqlserver. I had to learn sql because of this reason I started to learn sql. Then I saw c ++ in the fall semester of the university but I had to take the course again because of the shortage of credit because I changed the school because it would be good to take it again because c # is shown here, at least I know I will consolidate myself more. Now I see myself in middle and upper level in terms of php html sql js. I've been in this for about five or six years. I started to build a paid site for the last 2-3 years.

In the meantime, I have a curiosity on this server, but I have not been able to fully enter at least dc, dns server group policy management, such as managing a network, but I need to improve myself because I'm more entry-level.

I follow the latest technology sites at least I wonder what is going on :)

There's a lot more to tell about me, but I don't want to stretch it out.

I took a break for 2-3 years and as of 2019 I decided to re-enter. I will continue to do my favorite profession as much as I can.

Stay well ...