Link Farm Scripti

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  • Project Name:

    Link Farm Scripti

  • Date:

    11 July 2014

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    Demo Not Found

  • Unlimited Licence System
  • The Bootstrap Theme (Mobile,Tablet,Site)
  • 6 theme can be changed
  • Add Site
  • When you Add a Site Conditions/Rules - of-Alerts Adminden to be.
  • In all Forms against bots security code
  • Site details from Alexa - Dmoz - Pr value
  • From the site and from other sites bot protection for 3dk of passivity (Site visit to the site of the +1 is added to 3mn from inside the same user clicking over and over again to do the trick onlenmistir.kisiye to a single site 3dk to visit a given)
  • Category Demand
  • References
  • News
  • Site Control site to check the status of the information intended to give.
  • The Site code of the Al site after you add the code or not, and, later, that wants to get people to the site code generator
  • Communication
  • Site search
  • Social Media is available in a Total of 9.
  • 2 advertising space, including vertical and horizontal
  • Popup Notification
  • The Site istatislikleri singular,plural,online,a total of singular, total, including plural
  • All of the site is managed from the admin panel
  • At the bottom of the Best - Most Visitors to the sender - the Most Visitors Gondreilen as the top list.